My name is Steve Zeidner. I’m a developer and designer living in Central Ohio. I design stuff and build apps for the web, iOS and Android.

I am a nerd who will geek out with you on the topics of web development, ultrarunning, design, skateboarding, writing, podcasting, drumming, or whatever else you would like to pick my brain about.

Every website I build is a new challenge to design something unique and usable. I pay attention to the small details; every pixel matters to me. I also believe in open web standards and develop with the latest web technologies.

I am very passionate about ultrarunning and the community around the sport. A good long run through the woods helps clear the mind after a long day of building websites.

I do a little video podcasting from time to time when I’m feeling inspired to talk about a particular topic. I’ve also done some videos in the past that (if you can forgive the quality), you might find entertaining.

I play drums with the worship band at my church every Sunday. Way back when, I played with a band called Diakonashi.

Columbus, OH

Android Native (Java)
Appcelerator Titanium (iOS, Android)
jQuery Mobile (mobile website themes)
Responsive Web Design

HTML5/CSS3 (responsive design, semantic)
JavaScript (also jQuery)
PHP 5.3 (OOP)
Flash (AS2 and AS3, web and touchscreen)
MySQL (modeling, SQL query optimization)
Wordpress 3.x (theme + plugin dev)
Zend Framework / Yii Framework (MVC web application development)
Perl (mod_perl, shell scripting)
API Integration (Google Maps, PayPal, Amazon, screenscraping, etc…)
Apache Server (setup, caching)