Hollow Pear

Lights are flashing all around
I hear nothing but the sound
Of sirens in the distance

On they scream into the night
I’m starting to remember the fight
That got me here now

Fists flew fast
I felt like this brawl would last
Too long for me to survive

Hair pulled and shins kicked
I knew if I got licked
It’s over for me tonight.

For what lay silent in my hand
Was a hollow pear and
One that would not go bad

In that hollow space was hidden a green
Piece of paper that would not mean
Anything unless he could read the code

Back to the fight
He punched me right
Square in the nose

As my vision blurred
I felt the strangest urge
To take a bite of the pear

The taste of plastic filled my lungs
As the warmth of alcohol hung
In the tunnel of my throat

I began to dream of fairies
And trolls and leprechauns and hairy
Beasts that I was fighting through the night

On and on, a whirlwind of thoughts
Finally stopped
In the realization that the code was safe

As I lay on the cold earth
Gasping for breath
I felt more alive than I ever have

There was life in the survival
There was pain
But I was alive

Paper Bag

As I sat and stared at the brown bag
My mind wandered
Like this bag, I have stored up things inside
Filled past the recommended weight limit
But, the bag is only paper
Unlike me, it is so fragile
Or, am I that frail too?
Ready to burst at any minute
Do you judge me bag?
What makes you think you are any different?
Eventually, you spill your contents
You fill someone else up with what’s inside you
But that’s the difference isn’t it?
You have been filled by another and give away what you hold to one who asks
I fill myself with worries and doubt
Who can give that away?
Who wants to give that away?
Is there someone who would listen?
Is it not better to come alive by the filling and emptying of that which is worthwhile?


Anger and despair lurk in every corner
Creeping they crawl unexpected
My heart – tortured and wounded
Like an infections poison, they take over
Gangrene, it spreads through my blood
Coursing through its veins and arteries
Depression hits and I can feel it
It is all over my body like an ache that would not leave.

Then, like that it is gone
A snap of the fingers and a flick of the wrist
It’s gone, but the smell lingers
The smell of disdain is seeping out of my pores
I want, I need detoxification
A flush of the fluids will make me whole again


Distraction leads to…what?
Who says one thing leads to another?
Openly madness, yet sincere
Wrought by the desctruction led to by distraction
Labotomy – cut open the mind
Test the thoughts – put them in a tube
Find what leads one thing to another
Find the true distraction – the root of all the others
You won’t. You can’t. It lies not within the mind, but within the core
The heart. Beats with distraction. Beats true.

Cracked Lips

Like a wasteland
Sit a pair of lips
Dry and cracked
Speaking nonsense to the wind
Smiling, frowning
They have no tongue
Nothing to refresh
The emptiness of their words
Spitting and spraying
Saliva litters the air
For these lips are not mine
They are lost without an owner

Poison in the Pew

Small child – barely able to walk
Comes up the aisle – a smile lights his face
Mother’s hand in his – his other touches each pew
Reaches out and points – there it is!
Here is where we will sit – mother nods and smiles
Making their way down the row as people shift their knees – space parts like the red sea
Empty spot opens up – boy trips, falls hard
Mother’s concerned but he is all right
Stands up with bottle in hand – child drinks
Instantly falls – never to walk again
Mother cries – weeps in agony
Poison in the pew

Butterfly Dream

Open up all the jars
Let them flutter out
Like a wild hurricane they twist and twirl
Colors unimaginable
Surround me like a robe

Spots and blotches on their tiny wings
Dots within spots on paper thin particles
It isn’t real, yet it can’t be a dream
A genius created these
But, it can’t be
They can’t be humanly made

Running to find shelter
There are too many now to contain
They have multiplied and have become a plague
A plague that rests in my head
One to destroy all mankind

Yet, I am safe
I am safe in the comfort of this cave
I am safe in knowing that this dream can end if I want it to
It is a dream, right?

Rice in the Sky

Rice in the sky
Opening doorways to a new convention
Concentrating coolers
Lie listless with little attraction
When making plans to start a new world
It helps to think ahead
Otherwise, shoulders grow weary
as Atlas maybe will spill
Alphabet soup can spell out pain
Much better than a willing heart
All in all it comes to this
Do you have the will to call it your own,
The strength to hold an opinion
Or the determination to open the doors
of Uncertainty when winds are beating them shut harder than you can imagine?


Sexy Sadie what have you done,
Were the words flowing from her lips.
Were it the words I heard two days later,
I would have been much more relieved.

I heard her next talk about old Bush
That is to say el presidente
He made a fool of everyone
That’s what she used to say.

She used to say…she used to say,
She talks no more…she LIVES no more.
Short and sweet – her end was bitter.
The things you remember – vivid woman.

Walk Awkward

Have you ever noticed the strange little ritual dance that we as humans do whenever there is that awkward moment when two people are walking towards each other in the same path and both try to move to the opposite side, but that side is the same one which the other person tries to go to. This continues back and forth five or six times until one person decides to stand still and let the other pass just so it doesn’t get too confusing. You would think that it wouldn’t take more than once or twice of this sidestepping motion until at least one person figures out what is going on. In general however, we as humans are not capable of thinking that quickly. We actually often both stop at the same time to let the other person through. This should spark conversation as the two people have realized that they both now have something in common…it took the same amount of time for each to come to the same conclusion. It never does though. How unreal!