Motorcycle Rebuild – Day 3

Today, Allen came over and helped me get the engine unbolted from the transmission and up onto the workbench. After trying various methods of propping the engine up from underneath, we decided (Allen’s idea) to just do the ol’ makeshift engine lift and support it with straps from the rafters. It worked out quite well in the end and nothing fell on the floor in the process. Now the fun can really begin. Also, the frame is now almost stripped completely and will soon be sent to Streetwerkz to get the nice powder coat so it’s not as rusty.

Motorcycle Rebuild – Day 2

Well, this is actually day 2.5 I guess (I removed the wiring last Sunday, but didn’t put up any pics of that). I worked off and on for a few hours (maybe 4?) today and got the frame removed from the engine (along with the radiator, exhaust, starter, alternator, etc…). So far, I really haven’t run into any stuck bolts which is good. I’m thinking that the next step will be to get the transmission and drive train removed from the engine which I’ll then be able to throw up on the workbench and start removing the top end. I also have all kinds of things to clean up and a frame to remove from the front wheel and strip to get ready for powder coating. It’s exciting that I’m actually starting to make some visible progress. You can see the state of things in the pictures below.

Motorcycle Rebuild – Day 1

About a year and a half ago, we bought a 1985 BMW K100RS motorcycle with hopes of taking it across the country someday. It had a few minor brake issues that took a little while to get worked out, but once we got those figured out and took it for a few rides, more problems with the bike began to crop up. So, I’ve decided to do a complete restore of the motorcycle which includes an engine rebuild, diagnosing and fixing all of the electrical problems, cleaning everything to look like new, painting all the body pieces, powder coating the frame and inspecting everything else along the way for things that need to be replaced or repaired. I put put longer handlebars and a new windshield on as well to make it a little more comfortable for traveling.

I started work yesterday, really not knowing what I am getting myself into. Fortunately, I have some knowledgeable neighbors who are willing to help when needed (Allen and Jim). Allen helped me get started yesterday, and I’m sure Jim will help out when I get to removing and rebuilding the engine.

Here are a few “before” and after “day 1” photos: